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Hiragana Learning Tool – Let’s speak Japanese

The Hiragana Learning Tool is a multimedia supported app for learning Japanese. It is an extremely effective learning aid for getting to know and understanding the Hiragana, the basic structure of the Japanese language. This web-based application is available for smartphones or tablet devices – and of course also for PCs. The Hiragana Learning Tool works in a way that the users themselves select the method, way and speed of learning. They have the possibility of choosing among twelve world languages to be used in their learning process. All of this enables them to learn Japanese quickly and with lots of fun.

Japanese can now be studied at any given moment

The time that one intends to dedicate to learning can be determined in a completely independent way. Whenever you have your smartphone with you, you have access to the Hiragana Learning Tool. Jogging is an ideal opportunity for memorizing vocabulary or phrases. Japanese can be learnt in passing, when you go for a stroll or on holiday. But using a tablet can be much more comfortable on train journeys or subway rides. And especially on a plane, when one has to sit for several hours. This is when the Hiragana Learning Tool app can bring the Japanese world closer to you.

Hiragana Learning Tool – a multilingual app

The complete navigation and use of the Hiragana Learning Tool programme is supported in 12 world languages. Icons of their flags can be found in the user menu. With just a click on one of these icons, the app is shown in the selected language. All instructions and as well as translations of Japanese words and the meanings of phrases are presented to you in the language that you have chosen. That is how you can acquire new knowledge easier and much faster.

Hiragana Learning Tool – a professional method of learning

This learning programme in the form of an online app is the product of a professional team. It enables the user to gain practical and useful skills in a way that is pleasant and fun. The subject matter to be learnt is adjusted to the structure of the Hiragana and therefore also to the basics of the Japanese language. The themes in terms of the content deal with the Japanese way of life, culture, family and cuisine – as well as with phrases and wordplays in protocols for greetings, introductions and other customs.


Hiragana – Japanese writing system

Hiragana is a basic Japanese phonetic alphabet. It is a syllabary writing system composed of 46 base  characters and 25 derivatives with diacritical signs as well as 33 combinations in which every sign has its own phonetic equivalent. It is also written in Rōmaji according to the James Curtis Hepburn‘s system and includes all Japanese phonemes. It enables writing and pronunciation of all Japanese words – and also Kanji characters. Hiragana plays a decisive role in the grammatical structure of the Japanese language.

Hiragana is written in symbols and it is therefore perceived as a pictorial world. These cute little figures trigger various associations, which may help us while we are training our memory. Hiragana Learning Tool leads us along a learning path from easy to hard tasks. At the beginning, we get to know base characters configuration and its interesting model (a-i-u-e-o). Then, we learn how to write/draw the characters, which is followed by listening to Nagisa Moritoki, PhD. Her pleasant interpretation of sounds never ceases to fascinate us, therefore, the training of pronunciation and repeating are extremely entertaining and effective. At this point, we can say that we speak Japanese.

Learning topics of the application Hiragana Learning Tool are selected in such a manner that we get to know words, customs and expressions from the everyday Japanese life. When we understand the concepts, it’s easier to memorize them. Let’s take an example from the culture: children’s celebration on 15 November. When children are seven, five and three years old, they attend a solemn ritual according to the Samurai tradition. This is a great celebration for the entire family.

しちごさん shichigosan: しち shichi “7”, go “5”, さん san “3” 🙂 see illustration/Anna Sangawa

Who is the Hiragana Learning Tool for?

The Hiragana Learning Tool is designed for all those who wish to become familiar with the Japanese language. It is also an excellent opportunity for those who wish to consolidate and enhance the language skills that they have already acquired. The Hiragana is a foundation on which one can easily continue to master the Japanese writing system. Since the Learning Tool is an application that has several modules, it enables an upgrading to the next level of learning – the Katakana, which is in the process of preparation right now. There, the characters are somewhat different, but the phonetics is the same. Within this project, a complete learning app is planned, so that it will also be upgraded to Kanji characters. This is how the Hiragana Learning Tool will achieve its ultimate goal and give its users the opportunity to learn Japanese with a complex approach.

Why is Hiragana Learning Tool an excellent choice

The Hiragana Learning Tool is a modern multimedia online app for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Learning the Japanese Hiragana this way is very effective and fun, since you can select your own learning process and you can do so in twelve world languages.

The Hiragana Learning Tool app has three possible upgrades: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, which enables you to master Japanese gradually and reliably.

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Nagisa Moritoki Škof, Ph. D.
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Arts

Nagisa Moritoki is a specialist in the field of Japanese linguistics and Language education and planning. She is a teaching member at the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, since 1995. Besides her work at the university, she likes jogging in nature, plays a traditional Japanese instrument and collaborates with other musicians.

Japanese language will open the door for a new world to you. Enjoy!Nagisa Moritoki Škof, Ph. D.

Klara Hrvatin, PhD
Doctor of Literature (Osaka University, Japan, Department of Musicology and Theatre Studies)
Master of Arts (Osaka University, Japan, Department of Musicology and Theatre Studies)
Bachelor of Musicology and Japanese Studies (Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Expert for the Japanese culture and art. For ten years, she had been living in Japan where she completed her doctoral studies (at the Osaka University). Currently, she is employed as a researcher at the Department of Asian Studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. In her free time, she likes to dance, play music, read and go for a walk in nature.

Anna Sangawa Hmeljak
High school for design and photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Anna Sangawa Hmeljak is a 4th grade student at the High school for design and photography in Ljubljana.
She specialises in comics and illustrations. She has been drawing ever since she took hold of her first pencil and she is never going to stop.

Nejc Draganjec
Digitheca IT Solutions

Even though Nejc Draganjec is a molecular biologist, he found his passion for programming already in his teenage years. From then on, he has been participating in resolving many IT challenges, namely simulations of the atomic path in synchrotron accelerators and designing a mobile application for the international doctoral consortium, which facilitates diagnostics and standardizes prescription of medications. He especially loves bioinformatics and academic learning IT tools, for example the application Hiragana. In his spare time, he is engaged in photography and traveling (among all the places he has visited, Japan is still his favourite destination).

Code is poetry.WordPress

Fidele Vergan
Point Electronic d.o.o.

Fidele Vergan is a manager for electronic equipment development and technological applications at the company Point Electronic d.o.o. For over 20 years, he has been cooperating with the Japanese company Fuji Electric, and he is a specialist for the optimization of industrial processes. In his long-time career, he has created a number of innovations and improvements. He is an eternal enthusiast and motivator. His biggest obsession is the search for a solution which brings an idea to life.
In his mind, the meaning of life is creating and searching for the connection with the spiritual background of the human being. He is a master in traditional karate and a passionate cross-country cyclist.

In the story in front of you, he is the conceptual creator of the project and the leader of the team Hiragana Learning Tool. He is answering to the challenge of how to learn Hiragana in an easy and funny way if you are not Japanese.

His motto: There’s always a way to make the best of poor conditions.Fidele Vergan